St Mary's is at risk of closure if sufficient funds are not raised in 2018

Although St Mary’s Church is not at immediate risk of closure, we need your contributions and fundraising to help to continue to raise finances to pay the parish share in 2018.




Ways to help keep St Mary's in Marshfield:


    1) Come along to church – please join us for Sunday worship and holy communion
    2) Support our key fundraising events such as the summer fete
    3) Support our other church events – lunches, concerts, quizzes and dinner evenings
    4) Please consider the Church venue to host your events – at very competitive rates
    5) Perhaps consider the Church as a part of your will


.....Even if you cannot help with the above, please just make a donation before it is too late.


How to donate:


A donation can be made in church or please contact us for more options­


What it will mean if the Church closes:


  - The church grounds could be sold for development ­

















































gallery/habitat loss

- A significant green space could be lost and local wildlife would lose vital habitat

  - The church will no longer be available for key family events - there will be no more Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals, burials, confirmations.


There will be no resident priest in the village.


  - The beautiful church gardens will be gone


- Community rooms used by local groups will no longer be available­

There will be no Christmas, Easter or Remembrance services



Without your financial support St Mary's Church will face closure next year.



Please, please consider making a donation to help preserve the future of St Mary’s.

.......Once it is gone, it is gone forever...




Please also complete our short survey to help us understand our community's needs for the church:





                   Thank you for your help

- Additional housing puts further strain on roads, schools and facilities in Marshfield

The church will no longer be able to fundraise and donate to charities and the homeless.