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The original church of St. Mary the Virgin was built during the reign of King Stephen (1135), by the Countess Mabel and though it has been redeveloped over time, the tower and south entrance are original. The lychgate was added in 1914, and it became a Grade II listed building in January 1963.                                                       













More recently the church was used for the filming of Doctor Who, in the christmas special "The end of time" where it was used for Donna's wedding.


But you do not have to be a Doctor Who fan to appreciate the beauty of this Church and it's gardens.




About St. Mary's Church

About Us

PCC: The Parochial Church Council is made up of elected members of the congregation. As well as Sue and David Collingbourne, the current Council has the following members


(Left to Right) Neil Davey, Sylvia David (people's warden), Pauline Jenkins, Allen Beer (vicar's warden), Cheryl Evans, Andrea Hounsell, Hilary Williams, Bob Hemming, Philip Atkinson, David Simpson and Tom Bancroft.








































Ground Force: St Mary's Church has also won many awards for its beautiful gardens and this is as a result of our hard working team of gardeners known as "Ground Force" (Alan Titchmarsh and Charlie Dimmock aren't a patch on them!).   


The gardens have been made wildlife friendly with wildflower seeds, bird/bat boxes and butterfly/bee houses and there are quiet seating areas to relax and enjoy the view. 

Please come and buy some of their fantastic plants at the Church Fete in May or see their fantastic work for yourself in our Churchyards.­


As well as its regular services and work with the local community, St Mary's Church has an active choir, Mother's Union, and Ladies Guild.­


We welcome new members to join our groups and congregation.

Please contact us for more information or come along to one of our services.


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St Mary's is a beautiful Church dating back to the 12th Century, which is nestled in the green belt between the cities of Cardiff and Newport, in the centre of Marshfield Village. It's rural character makes it a beautiful setting for weddings, baptisms and other celebrations.